This site is for sale!

Selling a site with good traffic in a narrow topic with constant profitability. A good passive income tool that does not require a constant presence. While you sleep, the site earns!
A good opportunity to earn extra money on the Internet from your main job during the COVID-19 self-isolation period. All the necessary actions have already been created for you. Bringing stable money.
The payback period for this site is 8-10 months. As the development of the project continues, the income increases without restrictions.
A good domain has two strong topic-specific key queries in its body. Which is perfectly recognized by search engines and helps to rank in search of the page of the site higher than competitors.
The package for sale includes a second level domain name, age 1+. The site itself. A well-thought-out CMS is as detailed as possible. Intuitive interface and simple control system. Plus a month after sale support for the new owner. I will help you understand the topic and deal with the nuances.
The cost is $ 1500. Attendance statistics on request. Profitability statistics from affiliate programs after 30% prepayment. What the start of the deal will mean.
Reason for selling: There is no opportunity to take on many projects. I don't want to leave and kill the site. There are larger ideas that take a long time to complete. There is absolutely no time left for the development of this site. Very sorry. But I have to sell it. Hope in good hands. The deal will be completely open. Payment via PayPal.
For all questions contact HERE