Josman - Gay Comics - A Soldier's Son - 3

I was touching my Dad's cock. I had my hand on another man's dick for the first time in my life
Time seemed suspended as I looked into my father's eyes. I waited. My body shivered inside. I felt my flesh tingle with the touch of Dad's hand on my shoulder. "Heath," my father said softly. He placed his hand beneath my chin, supporting it gently in his hands.
I reached out my hand and lightly touched Dad's skin, wanting to feel the warmth of his body. I rested it lightly upon the outermost part of the thigh. There was no reaction from the body below me. With a steady movement, slid my hand further in, following the path of curly hair that led to the thick cock, I had seen displayed earlier that evening.

Josman - Gay Comics - A Soldier's Son - 3
Josman - Gay Comics - A Soldier's Son - 3

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