Julius – The Pirates - Friendly gay team.

We don’t need rum and we don’t need gold. The muscular ass of a friend is what is dear to a real sea wolf. In the sea without women. Only a young sailor caresses an old pirate. Having unbuttoned the shabby portoks, Jung's hot lips kiss the captain's penis. On board ... and the ship's captain is already leaning on top with his whole body, throwing the sailor's legs over his shoulders. Driving his hard harpoon into the boy’s young ass. And here are the shores of the treasures. We make friends with the local aborigines. Same-sex love will not leave indifferent any heart and ass. Stand from under ... there on the horizon, a tribe of natives comprehends the joys of sexual pleasures between the boys alone. We will fill these sands with thick, hot male juice. Long live the erection and unbridled sex of blue boys.

Julius – The Pirates - Friendly gay team. Gay erotic comics
Julius – The Pirates - Friendly gay team.

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