KAMA - SUTRA by Hugdebert - Hoxdude

Adult Toon Comics From ancient times, India has always attached great importance to the intimate relationship between a man and a woman. So in this hand-drawn porn you can see how the families of Singh and Dayamanti carefully prepare their children for the moment when they finally become husband and wife. A long rite has been prepared for Karan to teach all the intricacies of sexual intimacy, and a charming woman who will become his teacher, his mistress, will help him in this extremely enjoyable activity. The young guy will be open to all the wisdom of sex, as well as postures and positions. He will begin to study carefully, filling his pliable teacher with his seed.

KAMA - SUTRA by Hugdebert - Hoxdude Indian Adult Toon Comics
KAMA - SUTRA by Hugdebert - Hoxdude

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