#1 Bra Salesman

The beautiful Savita Bhabhi stood at the open door in front of the bra seller. You do not want to buy one for your big breast - the young man suggested? Savita casually taking the goods laid bare large boobs in front of the mirror, so that the seller could discern its beauty and richness of form ... Read Savita Bhabhi in Hindi

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Episode 1 Savita Bhabhi and Bra Salesman
#1 Bra Salesman
Cartoon XXX Savita Bhabhi and Bra Seller
Bhabi and bra seller Cartoon
Savita Bhabhi Buying bra photo

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  • Episode: #1
  • Released: Mar 29, 2008
  • Script By: Deshmukh
  • Art By: Clank
  • Studio: Kirtu
  • Watch and read more about Savita Bhabha's sexual adventures Here

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