#58 A Wife’s Sacrifice

Holidays in beautiful Barcelona for the Indian married couple Savita Bhabhi and her husband Ashok are spoiled by arrest. Ashok drank alcohol, had a fight and molested a prostitute! For which he was detained by the police. Savita hurries to the police station to find out the situation. Ashok will be deported and a loss of reputation. Beloved married woman is ready to sacrifice herself for the salvation of her husband. Buyout price? Fuck the thick police penises of the entire section. Whether Savita agrees to such group sexual intercourse with unfamiliar law enforcement officers read in this issue of Cartoon XXX Savita Bhabhi! Read in Hindi

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The price of saving the husband’s reputation! Savita Bhabhi Episode 58
#58 A Wife’s Sacrifice

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  • Episode: #58
  • Released: Oct 13, 2015
  • Script By: Rahul
  • Art By: Abel
  • Studio: Kirtu
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