#76 Closing the Deal

Savita and her husband’s trip to Ashoks parents ranch ends in an open field in the middle of a deserted road. The car broke down. Customer service is the only one in this city that belongs to a car dealership. While the damage is being diagnosed. Savita and Ashok decided to see a new car. And as a real strong man of India is supposed, his eyes fell on an expensive branded car. All would be nothing. But the price of a car is too high for a family. Savita decides to start a bargain. Using all her feminine charm and charm. Watch and read the exciting Cartoon XXX comic strip by Savita Bhabhi and you can find out. Will Ashok become the owner of a new brilliant car .... Read in Hindi

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Feminine charm VS price issue! Savita Bhabhi Episode 76
#76 Closing the Deal

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  • Episode: #76
  • Released: 24th Apr 2017
  • Script By: Darkmark
  • Art By: KoKoy
  • Studio: Kirtu
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